We DO Care Children!

1. Project description:

      Violence  is  a big  problem  in  the world. We'll  come  together to explore violence  as a widespread problem. We aim to face and prevent the violence and develop solutions. The project will be student centered, but also parents, government and non-government authorities.
    The project will involve seven schools and focus  on a child’s need of being accepted and a safety in  his/her family, school and  also society in order to gain strong and  healthy  personality and self  confidence  through  all his/her  life. A child must  be evaluated according  to his/her  own  qualifications. We, as the  teachers have tendency  to try it. Life without violence is children's right.
    We aim to rehabilate  children who  are   faced  to  violence  in  his/her life and  try to  integrate those  children in society. And we will show the parents that beloved  children  are  more  successful, self  confident and  happy.
    We aim to focus on making positive changes  on  student’s behaviours and attitudes. In this  project, we aim to take parent’s attention  to the  necessity  of accepting  their  kids as  they are and also we  aim  to show  the  parents that  their  children are  valuable and  necessary  for  the  humanity and  world in the  future.
    Through   the  cooperation, this project we  will help  all the participants to share  our  ideas  and  methods for educating  and  caring the  children  who  are  the  future  of  this  world.
      We  will  teach  them  how  to  discover themselves ..And with the  idea  of being  unique children will be able to instinct to see  his way. Using  e-mail and  video conferencing, students will research and  share important background  knowledge with  their  partners about the  project  subject. They'll develop creative activities. 

2. Project objectives and strategy:

to give  chance a  partnership of  European  schools  to  collaborate and develop the  theme  of  violence, importance  of  friendship, moral  value, religious value within  their curriculum,
to  raise teachers’ and student’s awareness, eagerness of school   studies  and  chances in  other  countries,
to challenge  student‘s and  also  teachers’  uses of  ICT in  searching   and  communicating,
to mention  necessities  for  life  learning (foreign  language, creativity, problem solving)
to ensure  that student register their  ideas of their  own requirement,
to make the  parents, teachers  recognize kids‘ ideas and  necessity,
to encourage participation in the  processes  related to children’s school   life and  free  time activities,
to develop  the relationship  between the  children, teachers and parents and others,
to make  them feel self  confident, safe, happy and  their  ideas  are  taken  into consideration and  important  also,
to organize seminars about violence and how to cope  it,
to create  Comenius  wall,
to organize work groups to  discuss  about the children’s rights,
to organize  art, composing competitions about  violence, happiness and  their  utopic world,
to prepare  bazaars,
to organize discussion platforms and  games, dramas  with the  children about  their  problems, needs, whishes, their  fears,
to prepare  questionnaires about violence,
to invite  specialist from Society for the Protection of  Children, psychologist,
to organize short  trips to teach sharing and show the power of friendship,
to develop knowledge and understanding among young people and educating staff of the diversity of European cultures and language and the value of this diversity.